Riverside Refinery Clears Initial Review at Port of Longview

Commission recommends  further  vetting  and preliminary negotiations on possible deal points

Longview, WA– More than a month since the Port of Longview announced a dormant Riverside Refining proposal, the company has returned with a revised project that made it past the Port’s initial review stage.

At today’s Port of Longview Commission meeting, CEO Geir Kalhagen advised the Board of Commissioners on the staff’s intent to continue evaluation and commence preliminary negotiations on possible deal points with Riverside Refinery.

Riverside seeks to build a micro-refinery in Longview that will supply fuels to the region. The $800+ million investment will produce 45,000 barrels per day of refined product destined for Washington and Oregon markets, one-third of which is renewable fuel.

“After a high-level review of the project, staff has determined it meets many Port strategic goals and should be further investigated,” said Kalhagen. “We understand the high profile nature of energy projects and are dedicated to a thorough and transparent process as we move forward.”

The refinery, a project of Waterside Energy, LLC, is proposing to construct the facility on property adjacent to the Port and utilize approximately 35 acres of Port land to store and transfer products. The refinery’s supply of crude oil would come from the Bakken oil fields and the used cooking oils and virgin seed and vegetable oils would be imported from international markets.

The Port has not entered into any agreements or made any decisions on this proposed project.

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