Rolling Rain Gardens at Port of Seattle

By Gary Chittim, April 21, 2014, King 5 News

The Port of Seattle is testing a contraption that combines a boxcar, soil, plants and pipes to treat storm water runoff.


The Port of Seattle is constantly looking for ways to reduce the runoff from its miles of concrete surfaces into Puget Sound.  The Splash Boxx may be a viable method.



Splash Boxx is a Seattle Company that custom designs boxcar style containers that are packed with soild and plants and used to capture, slow down and treat stormwater in a natural, inexpensive process.


An independent research and consulting company, Gealogica LLC, was impressed enough to shop the boxes to several companies and agencies in hopes of setting up a research project. The Port of Seattle eagerly agreed to it and two of the boxes are now being studied at Terminal 91.


Gealogica researchers are using different mixes of soil and compost to find the best blend to produce strong plants and capture the safely filter the toxins from storm water.


Splash Boxx creators say storm water can also be pumped from catch basins to keep surface runoff from running directly off the Port into Puget Sound. Port officials say if the containers work, they will invest in more of the cistern/rain gardens for other parts of the Port.

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