Sea-Tac Airport Upgrading Runway Markings for Safety

By Glenn Farley, June 11, 2014, KING 5 News

Runways at Sea-Tac International Airport are getting an upgrade: brighter, more long lasting runway markings that, among other things, grab a pilot’s attention to avoid turning in front of a plane during take-off or landing.


The Port of Seattle is replacing red runway markers and other signing that is currently painted onto the cement every year with plastic markings. The new markings are fused to the concrete with heat and are expected to last at least five years and not fade.


More than 80 runway markers are being replaced by Sea-Tac Airport maintenance crews over the summer.


The port has already upgraded reflective beads used in paint for striping to be much brighter than reflective beads used on highways.  It all makes markings harder to miss.

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