Water district, Port of Ridgefield formalize interlocal agreement

July 11, 2014, Vancouver Business Journal

A new, permanent sewer pump station with the capacity to serve all of downtown Ridgefield is on the horizon, thanks to an interlocal agreement between the Port of Ridgefield and the Clark Regional Wastewater District.


The agreement, authorized at a recent port commission meeting, establishes the conditions for the port to construct an upgraded Marina Pump Station and to transfer it to the water district to own, operate and maintain, easing the ongoing financial burden on the port.


Originally, the port planned to replace the marina pump station on its own. Those plans changed when the water district stepped in and offered to share in the cost of a new station – so long as it provides additional capacity to handle the entire future downtown Ridgefield flow.


“This was smart work by the water district and was a great display of its leadership and dedication,” said Brent Grening, Port of Ridgefield CEO. “It is a win for district ratepayers, the taxpayers, the district and the port.”


Partnering on the construction of a single, larger pump station will also accommodate development of the port’s waterfront property and the final phase of the district’s Discovery Corridor Wastewater Transmission System (DCWTS) project, officials said.


“It was a breath of fresh air to work in the Ridgefield area,” said Clark Regional Wastewater District General Manager John Peterson. “The can-do attitude that is the culture of Ridgefield made a great thing happen and we’re happy to be part of it.”

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