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Tacoma Port Crane
If you live in Washington, chances are that most of what you eat, wear and use came through a Washington port. There are 75 port districts located in our state, and because of the work they do, Washington’s products share a single market: the world.

In 1911, the state legislature authorized the Port District Act, allowing citizens to create port districts. Since that time, our state has grown to be the most trade-dependent in the union. And that trade activity is responsible for one in every four jobs in Washington.

But ports do much more than promote trade at our shipping terminals: they operate marinas, docks, airports, railroads, industrial sites, and recreational facilities. Ports bring economic development – investment and jobs – to their communities.

About Washington Ports:
To learn more about how ports are governed, how they are financed, and their history in Washington, keep reading and become a port authority.

Issue Areas:
Find out more about the topics that directly affect our state ports. From Economic Development to Land Use, we provide insight into the leading issues of the day.

Legislative Updates:
WPPA continues to focus on strategically targeting policies and investments that will help grow private sector businesses and jobs, strengthening the state’s economy as a whole.

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