Which Came First – Funding for the Fairgrounds or the Location?

By J.E., January 17, 2013, KMAS Newsradio

The group of Citizens anointed by the County Commission to find and suggest funding options for the fairgrounds, including the maintenance of such, found themselves caught in that same old question as to why move the fairgrounds? The largest obstacle to keeping the fairgrounds in the current location is the Airport master plan and the perceived restrictions by the FAA. Jay Hupp, acting as a citizen and not a Port Commissioner, presented a letter he received to the group, the letter is from the FAA, Office of the Associate Administrator for Airports, (Washington DC office) which stated; “If the Port of Shelton does not want to use the land for aeronautical use, it may request the FAA to consider a land release. If the FAA approves such a release, the Port of Shelton must obtain FMV for the sale of the property or fair market rent for the continued lease of the property for non-aeronautical purposes.”

This letter is in contrast to earlier letters received from the regional FAA office, which designated the area as for aeronautical use. The question here is who holds the trump card? The Regional Office? or the DC Office?
If it turns out that there’s no restriction and the Port of Shelton really wants out of the fairgrounds debate, the door may have just cracked open.

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