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October 2017






Notice how the trees do not cling to their leaves.  Fall is about releasing the old to make way for the new.







The Commissioners have been working on the 2018 budget since June.  To date, they have deliberated on moorage and hangar rates; the Schedule of Rates and Fees (which includes fees for electricity, waiting list, launch ramp, late fees, etc.); capital Improvement projects for next year and the revenue and expenditure budgets.  These discussions are held during their regular meetings and public input is an important part of preparing the budget. 


October 17th, the Preliminary Budget was adopted.  Additional review and discussion of the preliminary budget will take place on November 7th and the process concludes on Tuesday, November 21st  with a hearing and adoption of the Final Budget for next year.  The 2018 Preliminary Budget is available for review on the Port website.






As many of you may know, Building 18 in the Steigerwald Commerce Center is under construction and due to be complete May 2018.  With that said, the Port is now leasing space in Building 18 and it is going quickly.  There are 15 spaces still available in this 50,000 sq ft structure and dividable into 3,300 sq ft bays.  Please contact Executive Director, David Ripp for more information at (360) 835-2196 or by email at





With winter coming on there are several items that need your attention. 

  • The water in the marina will be shut off the week of Thanksgiving, which is November 20th.  This includes the pump a head too.  It could be sooner depending on the weather. 
  • Winterizing your boat is important. If you use a portable heater to keep your boat warm through the winter months, you need to use the correct heater, one specifically made for a marine environment. There are several portable heater choices out there, so do the research. Do not use a light bulb on an extension cord, or the time-worn milk house heater from the barn; that's a recipe for disaster. If you have any questions give me a call and we will find an answer! 
  • The wind will be picking up soon. Check your lines and replace them if they look even a little tattered. Do not trust old frayed mooring lines to secure your expensive boat!  Any toys or water accessories need to be stored correctly (not in the rafters) or taken home for the season. 
  • Walking through the marina, I see there are several people that have not been to their boat in a very long time. Page 8 of the Marina Policy Manual states: "Moorage tenants are required to keep their boat, dock box, and the pier or finger in the vicinity of their boat Shipshape." Shipshape is defined as tidy, clean, and free of debris or collected or abandoned materials.  The Port of Camas- Washougal promotes an "active marina".  We want to see people enjoying their boats, not just stored in perpetuity.   
  • Lastly, I tried to call a tenant the other day only to find the number had been changed.  If you have changed your phone number recently, please let us know.  We would like 3 points of contact for each tenant in case of emergencies. A cell phone, home or work phone, and an email address would be great. 

Thanks all,

Remember to "check your lines"!


- Mark on the Water -






Lewis and Clark passed the Washougal area on November 3, 1805, making note of the "prairie" where Washougal is today located, and suggesting it as a possible wintering-over place. In 1806, on their return trip, Lewis and Clark spent six nights at Cottonwood Beach gathering provisions for their journey home.







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Budget Review






Budget Review




Final Budget Review, Adoption and Public Hearing








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